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Amazing Furniture made from
amazing vehicles 

We can build your dream piece quickly and to your exact requirements


All the team at The Customiser would like to introduce you to our latest line of stunning creations.

Our Car Art and Automotive Art sculptures are both stylish and ageless as we use classic and timeless cars to create these amazing functional furniture.

The Mini Serves very well for transforming into office or home furniture as its small yet big on style.

If we have not already built the perfect item for you then please do ask and we will gladly provide you with a custom and personal quotation for your furniture.



Our clients include large companies who want to create an amazing first impression when their customers walk through the door. We regularly build items for use at home either as a desk for a business run from home to an artistic centre piece for the most luxury homes.

Rest assured as our client we will look after your every need and desire so that our creations boast both our design and craftwork but also and more importantly your wishes and desire.


The Cooper Coffee Table



The mini roof with the union jack flag is an iconic symbol throughout the world and to bring this into your home is a great use of this classic but also a very functional table too.

The glass circular alloy wheel style top sits at the perfect height for a coffee table or a centre piece in a showroom or reception area.

The price for our cooper coffee tables are only £1500 inc vat and including delivery in England Scotland or wales


The Red Mini Bar

The Iconic Red with white striped mini cooper is a very popular colour on our designs and on this Mini Bar we used the perfect Tartan Red to make this stand out.

From the front the lights all work, the indicators even flash so first impressions will definitely be created. The glass bar appears to float above the bonnet ready for the glasses at a party, this also ensures glasses etc are not rested on your shiny new paint work.

From behind there is a custom dashboard with amazing CD stereo with Ipod connection and built in speakers. All the lights are operated from the switch panel and illuminate when they are depressed. The Bar features both champagne flute holders, tumbler / can holders and also a nice chrome ice bucket for the bubbly !

All in all the humble mini bar will never be the same now we have created the Ultimate Mini Bar

we can supply and build one of these amazing mini bars for only £5500 plus VAT and includes UK delivery within England, Scotland or Wales.

The White Cooper Couch

We all like to take the weight off our feet and there’s no better way to relax and sit back than on one of our Mini Cooper couches. This one has been painted carefully in a nice bright white but you can choose any colour under the sun and we will accurately match it.

The soft seating is a work of art and we pride ourselves on quality and cutting edge stitching as every seat we produce looks amazing but more importantly very comfy indeed.

The quilted effect is actually created by double stitching the material / leather to create a Bentley style effect which is amazing.

The rear lights can be either the early Mark 1 or the newer Mark 2 / 3 versions. We also do the special extra touches by adding your own personal number plate to add the final touch !

The beauty of our service is that we custom build each and every design so your requirements, no matter how small, can be added right from the start for seamless perfection.

We can supply and delivery one of these amazing cooper couches for only £5000 plus vat and includes UK delivery within England, Scotland or Wales.

The White Mini Desk

If you operate a car hire company or are in anyway associated with the motor trade then how awesome would it be sat behind a mini desk when your customers walk in ?

If when you are signing for your new car you are sat behind one of our auto art desks then how special would you feel ?

This is exactly why our stunning desks made from cars are so popular and even in our customers home offices they look perfect.

Storage for the Tower part of your computer is under neath and also hanging files can be installed under the bonnet and locked for security if required.

The large desk top is perfect for a monitor, keyboard and all your work as we have kept the size as large as possible while still in proportion with your desk base !

We can supply and deliver one of these amazing desks for only £5000 plus vat and includes UK delivery within England, Scotland or Wales.


The Gold Mini Reception Desk

The Reception area of any business is usually the first place you start creating your first impressions, with our Artistic reception desks we can literally make your customers smile!

With a custom number plate with your company name or logo on and lots of usable storage neatly fitted in round the back this is a perfect desk for any reception area.

Clients for this style of desk include Hair salons and designer shops. Usually they have their point of sale items or Credit card machine / till on the top ready to serve.

We can design and deliver one of our amazing reception mini desks to you for only £5000 plus vat and includes UK delivery within England, Scotland or Wales.

The LamBARghini

The LamBARghini Countach is a 14ft long and 4ft high mobile bar. We have literally cut a Lamborghini Countach in half, right down the middle. It’s an awesome mobile bar and as soon as you walk in any room or function you honestly believe there is a full size Lamborghini in the room, until you walk closer and see a fully stocked and state of the art mobile bar is where the engine and interior used to be.

They are right at home in any function, hotel or Casino from Dubai to Silverstone Race Track, we can arrange world wide delivery quickly and easily and it will be ready when it arrives to open and set up your installation.

If you can imagine hosting an event where there are either Racing drivers, Football stars or any of the world wide rich and famous then one of our ultimate sports car bars would be the talking point of any function for years to come !

Car Furniture

We are the largest supplier in Europe of custom made car furniture
We have the largest stock and the most creative technicians to transform any vehicle into the most awesome piece of furniture.
We are always designing and planning the next crazy creation.
Our workshop is always full of car furniture and vehicle body’s awaiting the angle grinder

We can design and build your perfect item or furniture quickly and with a perfect finish in a very short time frame.

If you would like to speak to one of our team who specialise in furniture made from a car then please ring 0151 220 7000.

We even Customised our own Forklift Truck!