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The LamBARghini

The LamBARghini Countach is a 14ft long and 4ft high mobile bar. We have literally cut a Lamborghini Countach in half, right down the middle. It’s an awesome mobile bar and as soon as you walk in any room or function you honestly believe there is a full size Lamborghini in the room, until you walk closer and see a fully stocked and state of the art mobile bar is where the engine and interior used to be.

They are right at home in any function, hotel or Casino from Dubai to Silverstone Race Track, we can arrange world wide delivery quickly and easily and it will be ready when it arrives to open and set up your installation.

If you can imagine hosting an event where there are either Racing drivers, Football stars or any of the world wide rich and famous then one of our ultimate sports car bars would be the talking point of any function for years to come !


We even Customised our own Forklift Truck!