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We create the most amazing items that bring atmosphere with them ! They draw customers in, they inspire a fun environment and they make your home or workplace look awesome.

Our field of expertise is designing the most unique innovative and functional creations in the world that make everyone look smile and enjoy them.

Work places, showrooms, homes and offices are all so much more productive and happy when they a fun bright and stylish, we will bring a smile to your place ( and your face ! )

We can make your life easier by imagining the best ideas and then turning the drawing into the final item.

If you want a car cut in half for a desk or sofa or a huge metal sculpture made from your companies items then we really will make your life easier and rest assured if you have no idea who will do this for you then you have come to the right place.

We have taken care of projects all over the world from small creations for your home to huge installations in a newly designed office.

We are here to make your design ideas come to life and if you would like our design ideas too then we love dreaming up new ways of creating the best projects in the world.

So please call me with your ideas and plans and let us make it happen for you.

Please have a look at some of our most recent creations on the projects page and we would love for one of our team to run through any questions you may have.

Our design hotline is always open 0151 220 7000


We even Customised our own Forklift Truck!