The Customiser

Creating the worlds most exclusive items just for you.

Your creation is in safe hands, your project means as much to my team as you feel about it. Rest assured you are trusting an Award Winning caring company with a 100% customer satisfaction with No returns EVER !
— Ian Laidler '' The Customiser''

Your dream

Your dream is paramount to us and when you are ready and decided on which item will fit your requirements perfectly then let us take you there. .

The Perfect Process

You need to know you have chosen the perfect item for us to create and we will make sure the excitement we create with you is in built into your creation. Your furniture or crazy bespoke dream item is built with care and professionalism to make sure the whole process from ordering to delivering is floor less.

100% Customer Satisfaction

You will be very happy to hear you are working with a very trusted company and we have never has an item returned ever so rest assured we will build you your perfect item and you will love it. No one can boast 100% customer satisfaction worldwide like we can !