The Customiser

Creating the worlds most exclusive items just for you.

If you have questions we have your answers:-

Can I choose my colour – You can choose any colour imaginable, we can even create custom colours just for you. 

Will it fit in my place – you don’t need to worry we will make sure the item you choose will fit through your doors and inside, even if we need to re design it to make it fit. 

I want something you don’t show – No matter how crazy your idea is we can take it from your ideas into reality and deliver your dream. 

I need it quick – If you are looking for a rockstar service then you have come to the right place. We have a VIP service just for you to jump the queues and why not, you’re a Rockstar.

Electrics and tricky stuff  – You can relax and enjoy your item as the electrics will be a simple standard plug and everything will be tested and ready.


Can I take it with me if I move – We make sure your creation will stand the test of time and moving it even if it means taking it apart and re building it is no problem at all. We can explain how you can do this or you can book us to help you.  

I’m on the 12th floor can you help me – If you can get into your place then we can take care of getting your creation in there too, don’t worry !

What if I re decorate – When you re decorate and decide the upholstery or colour of your creation needs to be changed, then we can take care of this for you and ensure your creation remains timeless.

How long will my creation take- Your creation is custom built just for you by us so we usually suggest between 2 and 6 weeks dependant on what amazing item you have bought. 

You want it you way right ?

Number Plate – Everyone likes a private number plate and our creations need one too, let us know what you would like it to say and we will make it happen.  

Do the lights flash – We make the side lights illuminate on most models but if you want the lights to flash then this can be done just for you. 

I have a company logo – Extra customising is brilliant and if you have a company logo then we can have this digitised and printed / embroidered onto your cool creation.

Can I choose my seating colour – You can choose the colour and the design of your seating we can even add piping and loads of extras just for you. 

Total Bespoke Creations – If you can dream it the we can build it for you, please just get in touch.

Using my car – We have so many people who want us to use their family or their 1st car to transform it into their perfect piece. We can collect your own car, bike or crazy item and transform it for you.  

Something extra – We would love to have thought of everything but there is sometimes something you just have to add to one of our creations to make it more personal to you. We can take care of everything so no matter what or how you would like us to personalise your creation we can take care of it.

Surprises – If you are buying something cool as a surprise ( we love this ! ) we can bring in your creation and install it in the still of the night or when they are away etc no problem at all.

Do you change your mind a lot ? – Sometimes we all love a move around and sometimes moving large desks made from cars can be heavy work. If you love to re arrange your furniture all the time or would just like to easily move any of our creations then we can add wheels / casters on them for you for just a small extra charge.


Looking after my cool creation

How do I clean it – We will always help advise you on the best way to clean your creation but if its car furniture then you can clean it like your own car, now how cool is that ?

Oops moments – If you have partied too hard and something has been damaged, don’t worry we offer you a collect, repair and return service. Just ask and we can take care of this before anyone even notices.

Lights camera no action – All your lights are usually LED so they will last for years but if they have gone out then they can be easily replaced, we can tell you how with pleasure.

Upholstery and Glass – You are able to clean the glass with normal glass cleaner and any upholstery like the leather seats etc we can supply you with the perfect cleaning kit ( see the extras in our online shop ! )


What is my creation made from?


The Mini Furniture – Our mini furniture is made from either fibre glass or metal dependant on the model you choose for us to create.

Volkswagen Furniture – The majority of the VW furniture is created from Metal panels, we do use fibreglass for the Beetle display booths which are awesome.

Police Call Boxes – These stunning creations are made from a variety of wood, plastics and then painted with the relevant indoor or out door paint.

Neon and LED creations – The dollar signs are expertly crafted from metal and then welded together and carefully powder coated.