The Customiser

Creating the worlds most exclusive items just for you.


Terms & Conditions

All bespoke items are paid for in full prior to work commencing

On certain bespoke creations we occasionally allow a 50% deposit then 50% final payment due on completion.

Completion in our terms is when your item is ready to go and we will always provide completion photos and video calls to confirm build completion. It is at this point the final payment becomes payable, not on delivery.

All items will be paid for in full prior to dispatch from our workshop.


Privacy Policy

Any information you provide will always be kept in strict confidence.

We will never disclose your information to anyone outside our company.

We use NDA’s on a regular basis and these usually include not promoting photos or releasing images taken inside our clients premises.

On many occasions we deliver items to clients built on behalf of their designers / builders, on occasions like this we use un marked vehicles and our clothing will not have our logos on them.

No matter what we build for you we can always assure you of total privacy and discretion.